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What is Flame Spraying?

Flame Spraying (Also known as Metal Spraying, Metallizing, Spray-Welding) is the process of refurbishing worn or damaged parts by adding one of various alloys to the worn area(s). The particular alloy selected depends on the application. Several types of stainless steels, ceramic, tungsten carbide, bronze, aluminum, and other alloys have all been used. The materials are applied by oxygen/acetylene torches or flame spray guns sometimes accompanied by compressed air.


What are typical applications?

Repairing shafts or housings with spun bearing areas, and/or scored seal or packing areas. Shafts, housings, or other parts with corroded areas.  Damaged threaded or keyed areas. Sometimes brand new parts are coated for extended wear. Many common uses for flame spraying are pump shafts/housings, printing press shafts, farm equipment, boat shafts, parts for antique cars, and on and on. Sometimes there are flat surfaces that act as wear areas also that need a tougher material added, such as wear plates for pumps.


What are the advantages?

The re-built part is always much less expensive than a brand new part, and in most cases, the flame sprayed area is tougher than the original parent metal. Downtime is a huge factor too. At times, a brand new part may not be shipped for days. In some cases, a worn part can be restored in a matter of hours.


About Anco Flame Spray….

I started flame spraying in 1978 at a place called the “Metal Spray Corporation” in Milwaukee, while attending night school for machining at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Since then, I have worked in various machine shops doing job-shop work and flame spraying. In 2005, I started my own little one man machine shop. I enjoy this type of work and I like saving people money and avoiding downtime. If you are not sure if a part is salvageable or not, give me a call and we can talk about it.  

Flame Spraying


Joe Anco